PhoneGap: Installing mobiScan Barcode Scanner Plugin by Manatee Works

Alright, I’m not going to lie, I have this weird fetish for barcodes. I just think it’s so interesting how you’re able to encode something by just following a simple set of rules. I’ve recently started working on a mobile app that required I have a barcode scanner within the app. Now I looked at the original phonegap barcode scanner plugin and thought “well this will work perfectly” and it does. I have no complaints about it. Then… Manatee came out with a plugin for a barcode scanner and I thought SWEET another barcode scanner plug in. I love it… but, I did have a few problem installing in.

First off, when you download the plugin, you can actually see that they basically just give you a whole project to start off with. Now for me, I’m using Eclipse for android development (I don’t have a mac for ios).

First thing you should do it import the existing project into eclipse.

Now… You might be treated with an error like:

That’s ok though. Just go ahead and press ok.

Your eclipse might still be showing on the left panel a red x over the project. We don’t like that 😦 So to solve that. Right click the project -> click properties -> click android

Now, make sure you checkmark the “Project Build Target” After that, click Apply and ok.

Now, I would just suggest cleaning the project (Project -> Clean). Then just go ahead and build and run it. After that, the default application should work fine and dandy. It’s just the basic phonegap homepage with a big ol scan button to initialize the scan.

I plan on possible creating more blog posts on this plugin as currently there isn’t that much documentation on it. We shall see how it goes.

I hope you got your barcode plugin to install!

❤ barcodes.


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