Unions No Longer Serve A Purpose

unions suck

Alright, I believe that the time of unions has passed. They no longer serve a real purpose. Now there was most definitely a time when unions were actually doing good in improving the workplace environment. Just look at the early industrial revolution when the work environment within factories was just downright horrible. In todays environment though, the workplace isn’t like that.

Unions try to convinve they community that they are good for the community and that they are a necessity. Oh really? Let’s look at just some of these unions and what they’re doing to uh “help” the community and what not.

First, up let’s look at the ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union)
Now these guys recently went on strike maybe a couple weeks ago… This union basically controls the ports in the LA/Long Beach area. That area recieves almost a billion dollars a day in imports into this country. And the ILWU just decides to go on strike because their jobs are being outsourced… So… It’s all about them, and their jobs… yet us and the economy, are missing out on billions in imports. Yeah… that’s cute.

Now let’s look at fast food.
mcdonalds unions pfft
Believe it or not, some McDonalds workers in new york actually want to unionize. They believe they aren’t getting paid enough. Are you kidding me… You work in freaking McDonalds, if you want to be paid better, get a better job! What I love about this… is that if you want to unionize at a fast food place… it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know how to serve food, give some new guy 30 minutes, and he’ll be an expert at the job. Fast food workers can be replaced on a dime… So go ahead and unionize, see how long your job will last.

Let’s go look at SEIU now.
Now this is just a thing of beauty. Over thanksgiving break, the union over in California at LAX decided to host a “huge” rally right on the roadway to try and bog up traffic for thanksgiving commuters. But don’t forget people, the unions are good for our community. This rally… we’ll just let it go since it’s good for us.

Now… my favorite. Let’s talk about this Right-to-Work Law going on in Michigan. Take a minute to think about this, the same state as the birthplace of the United Auto Workers, is passing Right-to-Work laws… If that on it’s own doesnt say that unions no longer serve a purpose then I don’t know what would. Now there is a lot of unions out there right now in Michigan protesting at the state capitol about this law and it’s a little crazy there. Teachers even took off work to go protest and school had to close. BUT HEY, don’t forget, it’s all about the students, not the teachers. Oh please, how downright pathetic.

In summary
In this day and age, unions ruin business. They just downright ruin it… and if you don’t believe me, just look at Hostess.


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