*UPDATED* The problem with public education.

So it’s been a few years now since I last made my “The problem with public education” post where basically I said that it was mostly the teachers fault, in that they aren’t passionate enough, and that is what makes public education so bad. But after having a few years to think about it i’m changing my thinking about that.

Basically in some cases… there are still some teachers that still that aren’t passionate. And there are students that are crazy and just uncontrollable. But the main fault doesn’t lie with either of these 2 parties… I believe the party at fault is the parents. The main reason I now believe this is that parents are trusting these teachers nowadays to teach more than just math and science and reading… Parents what teachers to teach morals and respect. And that is just downright WRONG! It is the parents job to teach kids these days about morals and respect and honor. Teachers are busy enough already teaching dozens of students already and the added task of trying to teach them extra material like morals and integrity… I mean come on now. The parents need to man up and get in control of their child and not leave these things to teachers.

Teachers really do have a tough job these days and i have a lot of respect for them. The fact that they are expected to teach these kids so much more than they should… It’s just not their responsibility… It’s the parents.

So if you’re a parent out there and you have a child in the public education system… Give these teachers a break, teach your damn kids honor, respect, and integrity, don’t leave it to the teachers.

*rant complete*

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