Day 159 – Are genetically modified foods safe to eat? Part 1.

When I think of this topic the question that comes to mind is do the scientific and technological benefits outweigh the ethical risks when it comes to genetically modified foods? The ethical risks that come up in this debate are if the modified foods are healthy and safe to eat. Some of these thoughts are that a genetic mutation could possible occur and then bring on some unwanted disease. Personally I see the benefits far outweigh the “health risks.” These genetically modified foods are designed to give the necessary nutrients that your body needs. If we are technically able to do that then I say all for it. I see the “health risks” as infinitesimally small that in the real world I don’t have to worry about it. And the great thing about this country is that in some aspects you are able to have choice. When it comes to food, you have plenty of choice. If you are uncomfortable with genetically modified foods then by all means head on down to your local organic supermarket and enjoy the environment. Just my opinion.

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