Day 157 – Should potential risks slow the development of nanotechnology?

*another opinion post*

Now when I think of this topic, the question that pops up to me is: do the risks outweigh the the “dangers” when using nanotechnology? Now as we talked in class on friday, where would we be in this world without taking some risks? One of the greatest examples was going to the moon. There was a high chance that when we got there we wouldn’t be able to get back off. We took the chance though and faced the risk and we did it. Now why don’t we do the same with nanotechnology. When I read about nanotechnology I always see information about how these little machines can help fight cancer and various diseases. Then people say it’s harmful to the environment and our health…. now wait a minute, every time I try to look up why it would be harmful to the environment or out health all I find is how nanotechnology would be good for us? The science and technology are trying to be helpful but once again some people try to limit science and technology and not allow it to grow freely. So i’m all for forwarding the research of nanotechnology when it has the possibility to fight cancer and other diseases.

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