Day 156 – Anger/Bad mood

So this weekend was a pretty much angry and bad mood filled weekend. Let’s start off with friday and going to the baseball game. Now usually GT baseball games are general admissions seating and people can just sit anywhere they want, but today, they were reserved. But this was one of those games where not that many go to and there were plenty of other seats. Soooooooo…. Me and my dad decide to sit on in some pretty good seats. Then maybe after 10 minutes, 2 old people come over with with the most snickering attitude said excuse us but you’re in out seats so if you could just scoot on over there and get out. There were plenty of other seats around that they could of sat 2 seats over easily but no. This old b*tch is giving me attitude and she goes out and says “Oh but we come to every game and we always sit in these seats.” My ass, I went to every single game this season and they weren’t even there once. Now i’m down with the respect old people and what not but when you go and insult me and try to lie to me I will chew your ass out. So, with that set, that set my mood for the probably the first half of the game. Then I relaxed and just forgot about it. Then to bring back the bad mood, we go and lose to the worst ranked team. AWESOME! Then saturday…. I dont remember. Let;s move onto sunday now though. First off we’ll start with the bowling tournament I had… Didnt make the cut…. cool, then something good actually happened and GT won the afternoon game to go to the night game. So I go down to the night game… what happens we lose again. So now GT is out of the college world series. saweet….

If you actually read this post then wow. throughout the whole thing your could probably of cared less.

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