Day 145 – Will hydrogen fuel replace fossil fuels in cars?

Another ethics debate question for you guys…

Now it is no question that eventually fossil fuel deposits will eventually be depleted at some point. How long that is away is not the issue I want to bring up right now. What I want to know is if the population is socially acceptable of hydrogen replacing fossil fuels right now? Now I don’t know if socially is the correct word but let’s say right now you have a hydrogen driven car, where exactly are you going to fill up on hydrogen when your car runs out? Personally I’m driving 50 miles everyday and I don’t pass a hydrogen “gas” station anywhere on my trip. That’s the issue i’m trying to point out. I know that there are some experimental hydrogen based cars being invented but I don’t think they could really travel freely wherever they want due to the fact that there aren’t many places to fill up on hydrogen. Now at a time like the present when places like these are not readily available, I don’t think that hydrogen will fly very will with the population. But on the other hand, in the future when people really need to think seriously about alternative fuels, I do see hydrogen as a readily available source and be as popular as gasoline is currently.

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