Day 137 – Should the internet be neutral?

In my eyes, this question boils down to the question of should the government interfere with the internet and how it’s managed. When I read the pro net neutrality argument the idea was given out that non net neutrality would “threaten the growth and economic vitality of the internet.” Now the pro neutrality wants to use government legislation so that competition throughout the internet is able to flourish. But let’s think a second. In my view, the free market is what allows innovation and changes to happen in just about anything whether is economic or not. Government legislation being imposed restricts the market to change as the people how see it fit. Free market is no government involvement. Without restrictions by the government these cable companies and providers are able to make changes to their service that comes with how the service demanded changes. It just doesn’t make sense how limiting and controlling something like the internet allows innovation and competition in the market to flourish. In short should the internet be neutral? In my opinion, no.

Do you guys understand what I am saying here? How the heck would gov’t control allow the internet to be free with new innovations and technologies to be invented… Just doesn’t make sense to me…

Anyways my ethics class is a class full of liberals so it ought to be fun this semester bringing some insight into their government controlled minds…. gotta love public education.

This was an assignment for my ethics class tomorrow and decided I would share these little blog posts i’m doing with you guys.

*opinion post*

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