Day 72 – Tournament Results.

So today I had a bowling tournament going on. It was the most crowded tournament of the season so far. I was doing ok to begin with but then towards the end I kicked up up a notch to finish with a series of 1130. That’s 6 games by the way. So I made the top 5 of the tournament to go onto stepladder and of course I was in fifth position. So I go into the stepladder match and it was pretty close up until the end. We were both making our spares and were right near each other when my opponent then had a miss in the 7th or 8th, cant remember which. So I went ahead and spared to catch up on a few pins because he was ahead by about 10 or so. Then it came down to the ninth frame, he made a mark so I knew that I had to get a strike to have a chance in the 10th frame. So I throw the ball, the second I let go I knew it was all over. Let it slip right and boom washout. Of course i’m not able to convert and I lose the match. Needless to say I left and didnt watch the rest of the tournament play out. And now I am here writing this and working on school work. Anywayssss, have a nice day/evening/morning/whatever.

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