Day 20 – It’s the Government’s fault

You guys remember those snow storms that happened last week that I was talking about… Well during that week, a bunch of plane flights were cancelled. Why were they cancelled you ask… You would think that it was because of the weather, but no. They cancelled flights that could of perfectly taken off with no trouble. The reason that they cancelled the flights was because of the 3 hour regulation to get the flights with passengers up into the air. Let me explain: Of course being Atlanta, we aren’t necessarily prepared for these weather conditions at the airports. We have just a few(if more than 1) defrosting trucks that defrost planes before they are about to go into the air. Of course with only a couple, the line to go through this takes a while. Most planes that had their passengers already on would wait in line and they were stretching the 3 hour limit that they had to get into the air. So most airlines didn’t take the risk and just straight up cancelled the flights. The reason that they would do this is because the penalty for not having the plane in the air within 3 hours is $26,000 fine per butt that is sitting on the plane. So if the airplane had 100 passengers on it, the company would have to pay $2.6 million. And that just for 1 plane! Image if a few went past that 3 hour limit.
Now how did this little regulation come about? Of course there was some politician out in the middle of nowhere that had to come up with an idea to represent it constituents. Of course he can’t think of anything so hey, lets make a 3 hour limit for flights to get passengers off the ground or else the airline has to pay a huge fine, just to make his poor little constituents happy. God damn, just to make a few people happy they have to make this ridiculous law for planes to get into the air within 3 hours… Come on…

“Never spend your money before you have it.” – Thomas Jefferson

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