Day 10 – Fooood

So Georgia Tech was closed today and tomorrow due to the snow storm that we had yesterday. Because the school was closed, the dining halls were on extremely limited schedules. They were open from 10-1pm for brunch and 5-7pm for dinner… Now I don’t know if you understand this but it was supposed to be the first day of school for this semester so every student was back in town… now with all these students back, they also limited the food options and the employees that worked in the dining halls. This leads to my point of how stupid of a decision it was to limit the food and times. When I went to go eat at 6pm, the line for the food was going out of door. and there were only 2 food options. Now usually there are many many options and the lines are never more than 10 feet long. It is completely unacceptable to “reduce menu and hours at both Brittain and Woodruff Dining Halls.” Because of the weather food is closed all around campus. The school is providing living conditions for students yet not providing a reasonable eating schedule through this closing. I just find it ridiculous and reasonable to rant on. I guess that’s what comes with government run schools…

“To err is human – and to blame it on a computer is even more so.” – Robert Orben

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